My April Vacation!

I had a great vacation! Did you? I did lots of stuff plus Easter. On one day I forgot which day I went to the roller skating rink. It was very fun I went for about a hour or two. After I skate for a while my feet gets sore and my back starts to cramp up so I have to take a break.

Another thing that was excited on vacation was Easter! On Easter morning I got up and rushed down stairs when I went downstairs I saw a big, fat basket. I got 4 baskets full of goodies and fun. My aunts basket that she gave me  had 3D chalk and it came with glasses that you put on to see your creation in 3D and she got me some other thing in the basket but I for got what it was. My second basket was from the Easter bunny it was full of goodies and a little stuffed puppy. The puppy is so cute. Here is  picture of him.

The stuffed animal dog that I got in one of my baskets.

The stuffed animal dog that I got in one of my baskets.

My third basket is from my dad it has a kite in it and of course a bunch of different goodies. At my grandma’s house we had a easter egg hunt then after we got all the eggs we emptied the candy that was in the easter eggs. When we got finished emptying them we put them in a bag so that would be my third. I had a great vacation and I hope you did too!

How was your April vacation?

What did you get for easter?

What is your favorite animal?

I have a question for all you readers: What is your favorite animal? Mine is an elephant. I like the baby ones.

Baby elephant

Baby elephant

Whenever I go to the zoo  I want to go into this house that the zoo keepers wash the elephants in, even the big ones. They also wash the baby ones but you have to look down to see them, you don’t want to get too close!

I want you to vote on what your favorite animal is – I’m curious.  I know that in my class pandas are popular, a lot of people like them. Two girls in my class are crazy about pandas. One of them even has a little toy one named Gigi, he is so cute.

I picked out random animals for my voting poll. I hope you vote!

Do you have a favorite animal that isn’t on the poll? If so, what is it?

Which animal did you pick? Why?

Foil Art

My foil art

My foil art

In art class we learned how to make foil art. This is also called “tooling.” Here are some of the steps to make Foil Art or Tooling

  1. You need hard foil to make foil art because I once tried it at home with regular foil but it did not work. Get the foil from your art teacher or if you have it at home.
  2. Make a design on piece of paper. Just a reminder be creative, make your own design! If you want you can copy other peoples but it is fun to make your own.
  3. When you`re done making the design tape all sides of the paper onto the foil. Be very careful of the sharp ends.
  4. Get three or four paper towels and put the foil on it. That way when you draw your design threw the foil it will go threw. If you don`t have the paper towels the foil will crack and mess up your design.
  5. Press over it with a pencil but not to hard.
  6. After your done carving the design into the foil take the tape off of the foil and take your paper off.
  7. When you take the paper off you will see your great design.
  8. If you want to you can trace over the foil with marker that will make you design stand out and give it some color.
  9. Last you sign your name at the bottom. Hope you have fun with the foil art.

I also did some foil art and here it is. I hope you enjoy it!

My Name tooled in foil

My Name tooled in foil


My snowflake that I made in art class

My snowflake that I made in art class

Here are some question that you can comment on:

What is your favorite kind of art?

Did you ever do foil art?


Welcome to my blog! Hi my name is Taylor. I am so excited to have my own blog! I am 8 years old. I have one brother. I am in 3rd grade. My teacher is Mr. Salsich he is a great teacher! one of my favorite movies is: Gnomeo and Juliet.

I am looking forward to getting a lot of comments. I like leaving comments on all different blogs. I am looking forward to putting up a post about my favorite book (Ellie McDoodle by Ruth McNally Barshaw), favorite singers for you to vote on, and maybe you to vote for your favorite TV show.